World Down syndrome day, Treatment of Down Syndrome is possible in English

World Down syndrome day, Treatment of Down Syndrome is possible in English

Down syndrome is a serious problem of children, due to which their physical development is not like that of normal children. Their brain also does not work like normal children. At times, some distortions are seen in his personality, but such children can be given a normal life with love and good care.
world down syndrome day

Down syndrome is a genetic problem caused by chromosomes. Simply put, the fetus usually gets 46 chromosomes during pregnancy, of which 23 are from mother and 23 father. But a child with Down syndrome has more than one copy of the 21st chromosome, that is, 47 chromosomes are found in it, which slows down his mental and physical development and causes many problems. This problem is more common in boys. According to Dr. Sanjeev Bagai of Manipaul Hospital (Dwarka), "People often consider it a hereditary problem, but in most cases it does not. Asymmetry in egg cells or sometimes sperm cells produces three copies, called trisomy 21, rather than two copies of chromosome 21. This type of Down syndrome occurs in 95 percent of children. '

How children come in the grip

Symptoms can range from mild to severe in children with Down syndrome. Such baby muscles are less powerful than normal children. Although muscle strength increases with age, such children take more time to learn to sit, walk or get up than normal children. Children suffering from this problem are more susceptible to heart disease. Their intellectual, mental and physical development is slow.
world down syndrome day

Recognize physical symptoms

Many children have distinctive symptoms on their faces. For example, the ears are small, the face is flat, the eyes are oblique, the tongue is large. Children with Down syndrome may also have spinal deformities.
Some children may also have digestive problems, while many children may have kidney problems. They have low hearing and hearing capacity.

Care is cure

After the birth of the baby, complete treatment is not possible. Love is its cure He should provide an environment in which he can try to live a normal life. Experts can be taken for mental and intellectual development. Be positive about them.

Although there are many problems for the patient suffering from Down syndrome, these problems can be reduced if the parents encourage the child. Have a positive attitude towards such a child.
Also pay attention to the nutrients of the child. Give different types of food to the child, so that he can get complete nutrition.
world down syndrome day

Do not keep the child in a very safe circle. This may affect his mental and physical development. Try to participate in physical activity like normal children and mingle with them.
Do not believe in miracle cures nor promote it. If you are thinking of getting pregnant again, get a chromosome test done by a doctor.
Neither make the child guilty nor feel frustrated due to this problem, but try to connect the child with the mainstream of society as a challenge to life.

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Need care

Due to physical and mental problems, these children take a little more time to learn, but it is not the case that these children cannot learn. They just need a little supportive view of parents and society. They can do all the things that normal children do.

1 out of 1000 children in India are born with Down syndrome. More than four lakh Indians suffer from this disorder and yet there is very little awareness around it. Compared to normal children, children with Down's syndrome have slow mental and physical development. Down syndrome causes a distinct face, intellectual disability and developmental delays.
world down syndrome day

The common symptoms were first classified by the British doctor John Langdon Downes, so the disorder was named after him. World Down Syndrome Day is observed on 21 March. Let's know

Down Syndrome Causes

The infant is normally born with 46 chromosomes. The infant inherits a set of 23 chromosomes from her father and a set of 23 chromosomes from her mother. But Down syndrome occurs when the mother or father contributes additional chromosomes. An infant with Down syndrome has an additional 21 chromosome, which increases the number of chromosomes in his body to 47. If you are pregnant after the age of 35 or older, if one of your brothers or sisters has this disorder or if the first child has Down syndrome, then the risk increases in the second child as well.
world down syndrome day 2020

 Down Syndrome Symptoms

The muscles and joints of most children with Down syndrome are loose. Many children with Down syndrome are also born with heart, intestine, ear or breathing problems. Compared to normal children, these children have significantly lower levels of intelligence. This additional genetic material slows down mental and physical development.
world down syndrome day

Children with Down syndrome face many challenges such as heart surgery, respiratory problems, Alzheimer's and cancer.

Parents whose home is born with a child with Down syndrome remain anxious and unhappy. But with proper support and higher medical help, the lives of children with Down syndrome can be improved.
 How is Down Syndrome Diagnosed
Down syndrome is the most common chromosomal genetic abnormality in children worldwide.
world down syndrome day 2020

Nearly all cities in India have good clinics that perform the Down syndrome screening test - which is done within 13 or 14 weeks of pregnancy. This is a non-invasive screening test that only tells how likely your baby is to have Down syndrome. For people at high risk, Down syndrome is detected by placing a needle in the uterus. Many other methods are adopted for information about this, such as dual test, triple test, ultra sonography etc. After these tests, proper treatment can be done at the right time.

 Treatment of Down Syndrome is possible in English

Nowadays people with Down syndrome are living longer than before. The average life expectancy in 1983 was 25 years, whereas today it has increased to 60 years.

There are many problems for a patient with Down syndrome, even for them every day is full of challenges, but the good news is that most families of individuals with Down syndrome are very happy and positive. And they have learned to live well with this Down syndrome.

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