World Homoeopathy Day, '10 April' Eassy in full details (all information with images)

World Homoeopathy Day

 World Homoeopathic Day is being celebrated in the memory of Dr Samuel Hahnemann on 2 days ie 9-10 April. Doctor Samuel was a physician who discovered homeopathic medicines. Homeopathic medicines are considered a boon in one way. Which has no side effects. Not only this, homeopathic medicines relieve many dangerous diseases forever. According to a recent report, homeopathic medicines are the best way to get rid of kidney and thyroid disease.
world homeopathy day

A recent report of a study has proved that homeopathy therapy is beneficial for the treatment of kidney and thyroid disease. The study was conducted by Padmashri Dr. Kalyan Banerjee at his Delhi-based clinic.

Dr. Banerjee said that having knowledge of kidney failure in the beginning and timely treatment of patients with homeopathy treatment system, 50% of patients can be successfully treated and they can be relieved from kidney related problems.
world homeopathy day

According to the study, 50–58.3 percent of renal patients who came to clinics for the third time after treatment for severe kidney disease showed improvement in their serum urea and creatinine levels.

At the same time, a study on hypothyroidism found that 35% of patients coming to the clinic for the fourth time after treatment started showed improvement in their serum thyroid stimulating hormone readings.

This study on hypothyroidism has been done on the basis of records of 2,083 patients who came to clinics during 2011–2015. At the same time, the study on kidney disease has been done on the basis of the records of 61 patients suffering from severe kidney failure disease in clinics at the interval of one month in 2018 and 2019.
world homeopathy day

Dr. Kalyan Banerjee, founder of the Dr. Kalyan Banerjee Clinic, said, "The initial observations of this study are quite interesting. The study data on hypothyroidism have indicated that specific homeopathic medicines given to patients improve the function of the thyroid gland." Are effective, leading to a decrease in thyroid stimulating hormone readings. This is contrary to the understanding of the natural history of hypothyroidism. , Which suggests that the rise in the disease cannot usually be controlled. More than one-third of hypothyroidism patients are benefiting from homeopathic medicines. 11% of India's population suffers from hypothyroidism, for which homeopathy treatment is effective. Might be possible."

Dr. Kalyan Banerjee said, "None of the currently available treatments are capable of a reduction in serum urea and creatinine readings, while the readings of our study will help in deciding whether dialysis should be initiated."
world homeopathy day

Dr. Kushal Banerjee of Dr. Kalyan Banerjee Clinic said, "Our aim was to try to confirm that homeopathic treatment benefits patients suffering from renal colic and hypothyroidism. After both these studies, we hope That more research will be done on these. We will do everything possible to publish our findings and make our treatment process public. So that patients around the world can benefit. "

Dr. Kushal Banerjee said that patients are not able to know about kidney failure first because correct information is not available in the blood report about up to 50 percent of kidney failure.

'World Homeopathy Day: 10 April' eassy

World Homeopathy Day

'World Homeopathy Day' is celebrated every year on April 10 all over the world. The birth anniversary of Dr. Hahnemann, the inventor of homeopathy, is celebrated on April 10 as World Homeopathy Day. The German physician Dr. Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy, was a great scholar, linguist and acclaimed scientist.

Homeopathy medical practice is being adopted in more than hundred countries of the world. India is the leading country in the world in the field of homeopathy. Treatment of many epidemics is possible with homeopathy, but it has not been used enough yet.
world homeopathy day

On the day of World Homeopathy Day, seminars, conferences, camps and road shows are organized in all the homeopathy colleges of the country and popularizing homeopathy among the masses. On the occasion of World Homeopathy Day, an International Homoeopathic Conference is organized at Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi, in which many representatives from India and abroad participate.

The main objectives of the conference are the condition and direction of homeopathy in India and the world, formulating a strategy for the development of national policies, strengthening the safety, quality and efficacy of homeopathy medicines and giving universal place to homeopathy in health care services in various countries. To achieve the goal of health.

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World Homeopathy Day: Why sweet pill is given in homeopath, know everything

Special on World Homeopathy Day on 10 April: India remains the world leader in it. There are more number of homeopathic doctors here, so there are more people who trust homeopathy.

Everyone is familiar with homeopathy, but the question is, how much do we know homeopathy? Is our information based on the things heard or not? It is important to know about the characteristics and limitations of homeopathy as a patient. Lokesh K. is giving complete information by talking to doctors of homeopathy. Indian.
world homeopathy day

Homeopathic medicine began in Germany in 1796 by Samuel Hahnemann. Today it is very famous in America, France and Germany, but India remains the world leader in it. There are more number of homeopathic doctors here, so there are more people who trust homeopathy. The Government of India is also focusing a lot on this medical system. It has also been given a place under the Ministry of AYUSH.

What is homeopathy, why is it special?

Like allopathy and Ayurveda, homeopath is also a medical system. In this, the experiment of drugs like allopathy is not performed on animals. It is tested directly on humans. Homeopathic medicines are considered much safer than allopathy.

Does it also have side effects?

Homeopathy has very few side effects. Sometimes it happens that someone has been given fever medicines and the person has loose motion, vomiting or allergies on the skin. Actually, this problem is not due to side effects. This is part of the treatment of homeopathy, but people consider it a side effect. This process is called 'healing caseis' by which toxic elements of the body come out.

Is Homeopathy Treatment Slow?

In 80% of cases, people reach homeopaths when they are exhausted after being treated with allopathy or Ayurveda. Many times, patients who take insulin for 15 to 20 years come to the homeopath exhausted. In such cases treatment may take time.

How is treatment?

In this, the history of the patient matters a lot. If someone's disease is chronic, the doctor asks him full history. Questions are also asked like what the patient thinks, what kind of dreams he dreams. Treatment of the patient starts only after knowing the answers to all such questions.

Which type of diseases is best?

The cure is almost all diseases. It is considered the best treatment for chronic and incurable diseases. Incurable diseases are those that recur frequently after treatment with allopaths, but homeopathy is believed to have eradicated them from the root, such as allergies (skin), eczema, asthma, colitis, migraine, etc.

Which diseases are less effective?

Homeopathy can relieve cancer. Yes, it is difficult to recover completely. It is more effective in new cases of sugar, BP, thyroid etc. If there is an old case of a merge, there is a delay in correcting it completely.

To treat this, a doctor gives white sweet pills and then a liquid. Why so?

Homeopathy always works on the principle of minimum dose. It is tried that medicine should be given at least. That's why most doctors soak the medicine in a sweet pill because if given directly to the liquid, it increases its quantity in the mouth too. This hinders the correct treatment.

Is homeopathy also treated by inhaling medicine?

Yes, some medicines are such that the patient is just asked to smell. For example, in case of problems with sinusitis and nasal lumps, doctors treat them in this way.

If someone has 5 diseases, will he be given 5 types of medicine?

It is not like that at all. Like allopaths, it does not provide 5 types of medicines for 5 different diseases. The homeopath doctor gives the same medicine for 5 diseases.

Do not eat garlic-onion during treatment?

After writing homeopathic medicine 10-15 years ago, doctors used to ensure that things like garlic, onion were not to be eaten, as it was believed that their smell would reduce the effect of the medicine. But new research has changed this way of thinking. Now doctors do not forbid eating these things. Now the human body is not new to onion, garlic etc.

So there is no refrain in getting treatment with this medical method?

One thing that is strictly forbidden while eating homeopathic medicine is coffee. Actually, coffee contains caffeine. Caffeine homeopathy significantly reduces the effect of the drug. Some doctors also refuse to apply dio and perfumes. It is believed that their scent also reduces the effect of the drug.

What should be the degree of a homeopathic doctor?

For treatment in homeopathy, a five and a half year BHMS degree is necessary. This is equivalent to the MBBS degree of Allopath. Apart from this, if the doctor has an MD (3 years) degree, then it is icing on the cake. There are several branches of MD, such as materia medica (about drugs), psychiatry (understanding the mental state of the patient), reportory (how to find medicine). Those with DHMS or diplomas who have taken degrees before 1980 can practice.

Are homeopathic doctors also registered?

Yes, it happens. One at the central level and the other at the state level. Doctors have to get registered at both these places. All doctors have to get registered in the CCRH (Central Council for Research in Homeopathy) at the center. You can ask for information related to a particular doctor through RTI by visiting its site This website is directly linked to the website of the Ministry of AYUSH, Apart from these, registration is necessary in the council of the state in which the homeopath practices.

Many homeopath doctors also give allopathic medicines, why is this so?

No homeopath can prescribe allopathy medicines. Is legally incorrect.

Does plastic or glass case matter?

Size does not matter. Yes, it is better to give homeopathic medicines in a glass bottle. If it is corked then it is even better. Actually, some amount of alcohol is used in homeopathic medicines. Alcohol can react with plastic. By the way, the quality of plastic bottles is also good nowadays. Therefore, plastic is also used by many doctors to give medicines. Actually, glass bottles are difficult to carry together. There is a danger of its breakdown.

Can allopathy and homeopathic medicines be taken together?

Yes, you can, of course, but it becomes difficult to understand exactly what caused the disease.

Where are the medicines made better?

Germany leads the world in terms of production and quality of homeopathic medicine. In view of the demand of homeopathy in India, some German companies have also started their centers here. Many Indian companies are also making good medicines.

What is the limit of homeopathy?

- If a person is deficient in any vitamin or mineral, there is not much option for him in homeopathy. For example, if someone has anemia due to iron deficiency then there is a limitation of homeopathy in this case.

- It does not work in case of emergency. If someone has an accident or a heart attack, then allopathy is the best option. Yes, when the emergency situation is over, then homeopathy can be included for permanent treatment.

- Homeopathy works differently on each person. It is not that if one medicine works on one, then the same medicine will work on the other. Also, its effect also varies on different individuals. Therefore, allopathy, Ayurveda or Naturopathy should be looked after for a long time if homeopathy medicines are not beneficial.

- This method believes in ruminating more history than the present condition of the patient. If due to some reason the past problems or history of someone is not known, then treatment with homeopathy becomes difficult.

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