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It is normal to have some fat on the stomach. If this fat is excessively, then many diseases can be battled. Here we will tell you about the major reasons for excess fat on the stomach.



Genetic: According to scientific research, some fat cells in the body are genetically developed. If one's family has been suffering from this problem, the coming generation may also be prone to this problem

Poor gastrointestinal process: As the aging, the digestive system also begins to weaken. Also, the gastrointestinal system is also affected. For this reason, abdominal fat can also increase

Hormone changes: Women usually have to face hormone changes. When he is in the middle of his life( Around 40) I arrive, So fat can increase faster than body weight. Then the mainpause means that during menopause, estrogen hormone levels are reduced and androgen hormone levels are higher. This is why the fat around the waist becomes more.

 Tension: A person with stress is surrounded by many diseases one after the other. Increasing body fat is also one of them. Stress leads to higher cortisol hormone levels in the blood. Cortisol can increase body fat levels, Which can make fat cells larger. In this situation, fat usually grows around the stomac.

Other diseases : There are some diseases that cause weight gain due to the grip. In addition, kidney problems, thyroid and heart failure can also increase obesity

Muscle loosening: When the muscles around the abdomen begin to loosen, the fat in that place may begin to grow. However, no precise research is available on this

Habit of sitting: Life has become so easy in this period of modernity that one has almost stopped doing physical activities. Everyone tries to do everything in sitting, Whether in the office or at home. Now people take time out to workout, Many people like watching TV or working on computers more. As a result, body fat levels may increase. 

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Less protein and more carbs: What we do not eat throughout the day. Sometimes we eat excessively under work pressure or stress and do not even pay attention to nutrients. Protein becomes less and carbus and fat in the body's taste. Then the same Sitting in place and working. In this way, fat starts increasing around the waist and abdomen. For this reason high protein and low carbohydrate diet are considered beneficial in losing weight.


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