How can i lose any amount of weight easily

How can i lose any amount of weight easily?

 You can loose any amount of weight easily. But first you gotta do the most difficult bit.

Are you willing to do that difficult task?

I'll give you a heads up, the difficulty is to do with yourself.

To put in proper perspective, like everyone said you gotta burn more calorie than you consume. The math is simple.
Lose weight fast

Now here is where the demons need to be exorcised. The demons are in your head, they control you and they will stop you from doing anything that helps you loose weight and achieve your goal.

These demons are- "Craving" & "Laziness"

Control them control anything.

To start with Imagine a picture of yourself, a handsome fit version of you ripped and chiselled with 6 pack abs. Visualise yourself as FIT as a model you adore.

(You could go an extra mile and stick your face on one of the fitness model/ celeb and hang it on you mirror to keep you going and give you the kick you need)

I wasnt obese. But I had gained alot of weight and fat around my belly which made me look older and sad.

I would enroll to a gym and end up not going there as my laziness would stop me from doing so.

I would go on a diet for a while but than the unevitable craving, would make me weak when I saw delicious, lipsmacking, finger licking food.

And I never lost any weight.
weight lose fast

So here's what rescued me. Apart from all the major weight loss article telling us gow "Green tea" and a balanced healthy diet starting with good breakfast would help us achieve our goal. I followed an advice of a celebrity.

Heard of an actor called Terry Crews?

Well he is a well known celeb from the Hollywood also a former NFL star who has good chiselled body.

Now what he adviced novice gym goers like me was to go to Gym for 21 days straight, dont work out if you dont want to, just go and work out if you can or just sit and watch or read, do whatever you want to.

I followed his advice, since I was working till late hours I made a point to hit the gym at 8.30 pm every night. Come what may I took an oath I will go to the gym for 21 days straight.

Sometimes 8.30pm some times 9pm. I would end up at gym every night.

Everyday I would reach home tired from work and not feel like doing anything leave alone working out in a gym. I would then remind my self of the oath I took, I fought with the demons.

On the hindsight I told my self I have to just reach the gym and change, if I dont feel like working out, I wont.
lose weight fast

Initially I went to the gym, changed into something comfortable and sat for a while. Watched people around, and know what in 15 mins I too started working out.

Started with the tread mill. For the first 5 days I would wait at the lounge and then slowly move to the work out area. But the rest of the 21 days it worked out fine.

I got habbituated to GYM lifestyle. I would crave for workout after the 1st month. I lost 7 kgs in 3 months. What I pride alot was I packed on more muscles and lost my Belly fat. My waist line went from 35" to 31". Tats how I did it.

For this I beat the inner demon in my mind the Demon of "Laziness".

For my diet I made sure, I had a heavy healthy breakfast. That means I would not eat anything served to me which had carbs.

My breakfast was mostly of egg whites, brown bread, or South Indian dishes such as Idli Dosa which are steamed food and very healthy, make sure eat like a lion and make Breakfast you biggest meal of the day.

After a heavy breakfast I wouldnt feel like binge eating and felt energetic till noon for my lunch. Hence I hotnout of the habbit to eat junk food or packaged food between meals.

Lunch and dinner I avoided 3 things per se. Rice, Potato and Processed Flour (Maida). Ate more poultry meat, whole grain bread or Rotis and lots of veggies and loads of Salad.

Drank Green tea atleast thrice a day.

Made sure I drank good amount of water to keep my self hydrated.

My friends would always eat the most delicious meal consisting of red meat, rice, kfc, pizzas, thick shakes, french fries and tease me.


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Good Luck.

I hope my words satisfy your query.

Hope this helps!

I Hope You Achieve Your Goal.

Remember the actual battle is with youself, with the demons in your mind.

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