How can I lose weight quickly by dieting?

 How can I lose weight quickly by dieting?

I was 92 Kg about a month ago (Jan 30 2017 ) ,Today I am 82 and loosing 1 Kg in every 3–4 days .If you think this is fast then you might try doing what I am doing .

I am not dieting ,I am eating healthy and doing exercise 5 days a week and my goal is to loose 35 KG in 6–7 months . My aim is not just loosing it but keeping it that way for long time .I also want to develop my core strength and want to have a healthy skin .
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If you want the same you can follow my schedule as that is the only correct way I know.

1.Morning - wake up and drink 3–4 glasses of this - warm cinnamon water (soak at night) + Apple cider Vinegar /Lemon (1 table spoon) + honey (1 table spoon)
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 2.Do Yoga .I do Surya Namaskar . In a not so good day I do 10 surya Namaskar . In a good day I do 25 .I do some breathing excercise for 5 minutes .

 -3.Breakfast 1 cup milk + 1 fruit /1 egg boiled / 1 bowl masala oats

4. Tea /Coffee with milk without sugar .

5 . 1–2 green tea (I use Lemon ).

6. Lunch eat everything except rice and sugar .I eat 1/2 chapati ,1 bowl Dal, any 2 Vegetable 1 bowl each , 1 non-veg curry ,salad ,fruit ,1 cup soup .

7. Normal walk for 10–15 min .

8. Green Tea

9. Coffee- espresso

10. Gym .I love running .I had knee injury in past so I prefer running in Gym .Running is best exercise to loose weight fast and have a beautiful body shape. It will tone up your whole body . I started with 1 KM running and it was hard to run 1 KM continuously .Now I run 5–6 Km easily (6–7 minute per KM) .Apart from running I do some weights .Not heavy weights but simple weights .It helps with strength development .I do approx 1 hour of gym.

11. Drink warm water 2–3 glass after 30 min at least .You can add lemon /ginger /any Patanjali juice to make it more helpful.
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12. cut all vegetable you have (no potato ) and boil them .Add pepper and lemon for flavor .Try to use little salt .This is your dinner . You can eat boiled eggs also .I sometime eat fruits instead of vegetables .

13 . Eat almonds ,carrots whenever you feel hungry .

14 .👉 I used a 👉product that helped lose my weight.
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I do this 5 days a week .Rest 2 days are my vacation .I drink water like other day ,Do yoga like other day and eat 3 meals as per my choice .I eat butter,cheese,potato ,rice,noodles,cake,sweets whatever I want but in normal quantity .No less ,no more . Now I don’t even feel like eating these items . Food taste so much better now .

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This was my toughest battle. I had to fight the urge to eat even one single piece. As one piece leads to another and so the buck had to stop there.

I said no. I wouldnt eat a single piece..

Make sure if you cant resist the urge than dont sit next to them as the aroma from the food can tempt you. Just walk away.

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Take care of your skin ,Clean it regularly ,use oil massage and hot bath ,use homemade Scrubs regularly so that you can avoid stretch marks and dry skin .Try to have a balance .

I don’t want to gain it back again but I might or might not be regular in gym ,so I am trying to develop a lifestyle .Don’t diet ,you will loose glow in skin ,have hair fall ,weak bones ,eye problems and it is a slow process .Instead eat healthy .

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