How can I reduce my chubby tummy?

 How can I reduce my chubby tummy?

Sorry to burst ur bubble. Spot reduction of fat is impossible. To reduce fat build muscle as muscle needs more calories to maintain itself & reduce the quantity u eat. The best tip for u is to START. A good body needs both sensible diet and exercise.
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Diet: Protein is essential for repairing the wear & tear of ur body. So take a protein rich diet. Eat all seasonal fruits. NO fruit juice.

Iron is essential for the blood. All vegetables especially leafy greens contain it. Palak contains a lot of iron but it cannot be readily absorbed by body. So try to avoid it. Powder soyabean and mix it with atta before kneading dough for roti. Eat a lot of dal (rich in protein). Eat curries made with dahi or drink milk. It is rich in calcium (good for bones). If u r non vegetarian, eat 1 egg per day. Meat is also good source.
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Drink lots of water. This eliminates all toxic wastes from ur body and helps to keep u slim (only tap water NOT refrigerated water). Eat slowly and chew thouroughly., in this way u can decrease the amount u eat (if u want to build a shreded body) but always consume nutrient rich food. Take care to reduce the quantity u eat while always taking nutrient rich food. Say no to bakery & other junk food
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Front Planks - As long as u can but remember to pay proper attention to form. Stop doing when body starts to tremble. Hips should not sag, neck & shoulders should not droop. Arms should be placed wide so that shoulders are flat. This will give u toned body & slim belly and strong core. If fat is less u can even get the six pack look.

Side Planks - Strengthens obliques, abs etc pay proper attention to form. Stop doing when body starts to tremble.

Reverse Planks - good for lower body

Pull ups - Begin by just hanging from a bar for 20 seconds. Increase duration by 10 seconds every week or as per individual capacity. When u can hang (without any pain for 1 minute) ur wrists are strong enough. Start with 3 reps and 3 sets (pull ups) & increase by 2 every week, subject to a maximum of 30 pull ups in a set.

Hindu pushups - Start from 10, increase by 2 every week.
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Elevated pushups - Builds strong shoulders, massive chests. Gradually increase the height of legs from floor according to individual capacity.

Hanging full leg raises - As per individual ability. Don't overdo u might hurt ur wrists. If too hard, in the beginning just hang from the bar. This will give u strong abs, six pack look & flexibility.

L sit-ups - Do this when ur abs are very strong. You should be able to do Ex 1 without any trembling for 1 minute & total of 100 pull ups & Ex 7 for 2 minutes, all without any rest or pause. Initially do this on the floor.


1. Sarvangasana -: very important asana. Eliminates ALL diseases of bladder. Improves posture. Makes face bright and body radiant. Strengthens thyroid gland which is responsible for metabolism & pituitary gland. Improves circulatory, excretory, respiratory,reproductive & nervous systems. Diseases of feet are cured.

2. Bhujangasana -: Strengthens leg muscles (all). Beneficial in treatment of diabetes. Increases hunger. Stimulates circulatory system. Spinal chord is strengthened. Back muscles develop & becomes more flexible. Improves posture.

3. Paschimottanasana - very important asana. Prevents ossification of spine, Makes body radiant and more handsome. Improves flexibility. Improves height.

4. Chakrasana - Makes spine stronger, increases strength of all muscles. Body becomes more flexible. Helps in height increase. Hands become very strong.

5. Vashishtasana - Develops & tones oblique muscles. Wrists become stronger. Muscles of entire body are toned. Aids in height increase.

Mix these exercises eg 1–4 on1st day and others on 3rd day. Rest on 2nd day. However do all yoga everyday.I can assure u by following these regularly u will have a slim, wiry, disease resistant ripped body, with a good posture & good height. Ur body will be toned with very little fat.



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Good Luck.

I hope my words satisfy your query.

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