How do I lose weight faster without exercise?

 How do I lose weight faster without exercise?

I honestly thought the woman in the middle was Sarah Paulson.

Anyway, back when I was overweight, I used to get so annoyed whenever I hear weight-loss success stories and people who were able to sustain long-term fitness goals.
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After years of denial, I realized it was because they reminded me of my laziness to properly take care of my body. The idea of having to exercise and eat vegetables revolted me. But after I was forced to eat healthy following several kidney stones, I was surprised how little changes in my diet had a big impact on my mood and energy levels. Since then I finally realized why people who lead a healthy lifestyle are able to keep it going: It makes them happy.
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So I think those bashers are people who have not yet experienced the benefits of fitness or simply too lazy to make that change in their lives, just like me before I decided to make the change. Realizing you have yourself to blame for your failures is a bitter pill to swallow.
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I also never really understood the whole body positivity movement. They’re so offended about the idea of losing weight but are okay with staying over weight. “Body positive” people always promote the idea of “loving yourself and the skin you are in” but isn’t keeping our mind and body healthy the pinnacle of self love?

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Maybe Adele’s finally following her doctor’s advise or she simply wants to live longer so she could see her son grow up? Who knows? If she’s happy and healthy, we should be all for it.

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