How do I reduce my tummy?

  How do I reduce my tummy?

I have had some experience with it. Although you avoid junk foods , but that's not the only thing here let me explain .

Fats in body are essential for body functions as body body can't produce them on their own you it become critical that you take quality fats from outside sources like peanuts almonds pumpkin seeds walnuts etc .

They also helps in food absorption by emulsifying the nutrients
reduce my tummy fat

Some people may have tendency to store fat in different parts of body for example for women it's generally lower body thighs hips etc for males its generally the lower stomach . so when you start working out eating right that will be the last part to lose fat .

Also important thing body fat percentage and muscle mass .

To reduce the body fat percentage you could try to reduce it by doing cardio jogging etc and the other way would be to increase the muscle mass itself, by doing strength training ,so muscle to fat ratio improves . so you would have a more dense body . but a combination of both is beneficial and works extremely well for most people .

Also your diet is another critical factor eating a lot of carbs won't help as you are vegetarian , so am I , try eating less roti specially during dinner and adding raw boiled beans and dal more ,to your diet , basically more protein to your diet.
reduce my tummy fat

Now the question how much should be the macronutrients ?

A good amount for protein would be 1g per Kg of your body weight . Then 80-90% of this as carbs and 50-60% as fats .

If you feel energy drained , then Don't be afraid to increase the amount of good carbs in your diet . Cause the more energy you have the effective your workout will be , also it will be easier to not give into cravings .

Caution :don't add soybean too much as it could have adverse effect . especially males. keep this as last source for protein

If you could , then try eating 5-6 small meals balanced throughout the day .This definately work wonders as this increases metabolism , reducing hunger pangs and maintaining blood sugar levels and energy levels . You will be eating more but you will never be over stuffing your stomach which is one of primary reason for poor metabolism.
reduce my stomach fat


If you are new to strength training then

Start with intense strength training 3-4 days a week only , that is more than enough and emphasis on intense , followed by 20 min light cardio (walk , cycle) maintaining the pace for full 20 min.



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Good Luck.

I hope my words satisfy your query.

Example schedule:

So you could do 2 days on 1 day off then 2 days on and 2 days off in week.

Caution : Train one muscle group per week , it takes time for muscle to regrow . If you overdo it then it will stall the progress and basically you are doing negative work.

Everyday spend 20 min in morning for light jogg or walk or stairs, anything basically move for 20 min .

This will boost your metabolism and awaken your body ,

Caution : It take about 72 days to gain 1 pound of quality muscle mass . so have patience work hard sleep well (8 hours sleep mandatory but never over sleep ) eat well .

PS : You may not be able to see changes in one month but you will definitely become more energetic and stronger , healthier . If this is case then you will surely reach your goals .

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