How To Get Six Pack Abs - And 5 Mistakes To Avoid

How To Get Six Pack Abs - And 5 Mistakes To Avoid

How to get a six pack? The approach is two-pronged. Follow a structured exercise program. And lose weight. Only in this way can anyone achieve six pack abs.

A rookie mistake is assuming that doing thousands of crunches and intense bodybuilding workouts will magically add up to six pack abs. But when this doesn't happen even after months of rigor and discipline, there's a natural disappointment.
six pack abs

Compared to other forms of exercise, the process of how to get a six pack is somewhat different. It takes a holistic approach which includes nutrition and exercise to get the right results. Most people don't succeed because they focus on ineffective methods.

If you want an honest answer to the question, "How to get six pack abs?", then here it is. Not daily ab workouts or expensive ab machines or never-ending crunches, but a lean, healthy diet coupled with smart training. Make sure you aren't being misled by these mistakes.

1. You just can't see your six pack

Maybe you already have six pack abs - but can't see them because there's a fat layer covering it up. Unless your body fat is less than 8% (for men) or 12% (for women), you can't see the muscle beneath. High intensity cardio exercise with diet control will help unmask your six pack.

2. You can't crunch away the fat

The only way to melt away lower abdomen fat is through cardio exercise, diet and weight training. The bad news is you can't get rid of belly fat in isolation. You'll have to achieve overall fat loss.
six pack abs

3. You don't need daily abs workouts

Your core needs rest. Daily abdominal exercises can actually be counterproductive to getting a six pack. Abs workouts every 3 days is enough. The rest of your time can be devoted to intense cardio exercises that burn off fat.
six pack abs

4. You can't get away with just crunches and sit ups

While the rectus abdominis muscle grows stronger with these exercises, you also need to make your obliques and latissmus muscles tougher for a six pack. Your exercise routine must be diversified and cover all muscle groups equally.
six pack abs

5. You need to steadily increase difficulty

As your muscles grow stronger, they need greater loads to grow even more stronger. You must force them through progressive resistance training. Abs workouts are just the same in this respect as biceps or hamstring exercises. Using a dumbbell on your chest while doing crunches is an example.


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