What are some effective ways to reduce tummy fat?

 What are some effective ways to reduce tummy fat?

It is indeed commendable that you recognize the need for a fitter you.

I have dropped down 15 kgs myself and will hence try to be as relatable as possible .

reduce tummy fat

Let me first tell you two essential things:

1) Goal- You are going to feel amazing not only appearance wise but also your working methods and efficiency are going to see a thumbs-up!

2) Motivation-To achieve point 1, you will always need a motivating factor to push you-Each day counts so always remember point 1 is soon-to-be true . You need to create your personal-’priorities list’ which will push you to continue.

reduce tummy fat

The most cliched answer you are going to find for this question is

 a)Diet and b)Exercise.

However,you can easily reduce the excess fat doing very simple things and not stressing yourself too much.

  • Walk as much as you can.This can include inside your house or office.

  • Drink water when you feel like snacking

  • Have your dinner by 7.30 to 8.

Reduce proportions of food you normally eat. DoNOT foregot anything you love or wish to have. It just induces you to have more the next time you see that item as you want to reward yourself for saying No the first time!

Do feel a little guilty if you have that extra cake unnecessarily. This will stop you next time.

Google for easy exercises you can try anywhere .Trust me, no one takes notice when you try and flex your muscles even in the washroom!

reduce belly fat

Fill your water bottle half full and get up and walk every time you want water.

You DO NOT need two tablespoons of sugar in your coffee/Tea. Habituate yourself to the need for lesser sugar. Note-Artificial sweeteners,honey & jaggery contain the same amount of calories.

A short brisk walk after dinner can do wonders.

There is so much more this list. All that matters is consistentcy though. Try this for 10 days and please update on how it’s going and I can give you some more tips.

Most importantly, say to yourself “I do not WANT to eat xyz” instead of “I CAN’T eat xyz”.

Your ATTITUDE matters the most. Don’t sympathize with yourself for opting to stay fit or to ward off some foods.

Do not compare with what others near you are eating/doing as this is only going to majorly demotivate you from continuing.

PS. On some days, you will feel like you DESERVE a day off the dieting an exercise stuff and will eventually start binging and back to square one. Instead, the methods I suggested will give you lifestyle changes and take you to a better living.

Try to share your tips and motivate others to being fit .The admiration in their eyes will make you conscious of continuing doing the healthier stuff.



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Good Luck.

I hope my words satisfy your query.

Hope this helps!

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