What are some weight loss tips that have actually worked for you?

 What are some weight loss tips that have actually worked for you?

Originally Answered: What diet or weight loss program worked best for you and kept the weight off?

Weight Training and clean eating has helped me lose 28+ kgs in 18 months along with inch loss. Check out my transformation picture:

weight lose results

My journey from being fat to fit can be summed up as below:

weight lose results

I joined a gym nearby my home and workplace and lost 10 kgs in 2 and half months just by doing cardio and zumba / body combat sessions. But, due to no knowledge of training and running with 90 kgs of weight, i injured my left knee.

Fortunately, a trainer saved me from dying on the treadmill. I hired him in June 2017. He trained me in weight lifting. His belief in me made me do squats with 60 kgs, 90 kgs deadlift and 210 kgs legpress. I had a weak bone density of -1.8 and I had never even dream of lifting such heavy weights ever. I guess the power of belief can make you do unimaginable things in life.

I never skip my workout, be it busy days, holidays, sundays, festivals (except Holi & Diwali, 2 days of the year when my gym remains shut), bad mood days, period days, never. This consistency has helped me in making fitness a passion and top priority in my life.

I lift 6 days a week and 1 day is reserved for light intensity cardio / yoga for active recovery. I train Back + Biceps , Chest + Triceps , Legs , Core on different days. Training big & small muscles together has built my overall strength and increased my endurance as well.

The best weight loss program for me is weight training as building muscles accelerates your metabolism.

I eat normal Indian food like complex carbs (multigrain roti in place of plain flour roti), lot of vegetables, big bowl of salad (beets, cucumber, tomatoes), brown rice, eggs, chicken breast. I try to eat protein rich meals as they keep you full and help in building lean muscle.

Diet plays an important role in weight loss. I eat small meals at regular intervals to shoot up the metabolism. I snack on nuts & seeds and fruits.

I have given up refined sugar but I love to cheat on ice creams during the weekends.

I drink 3–4 liters of water daily.

I use a health supplement, who helped me to burn my belly fat.πŸ‘‡


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I have 9 to 6 job but I prepare all my meals by myself because home-made food is the best.

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 some weight loss tips that have actually worked for you?

I have a sitting job so I try to remain active throughout the day by taking short breaks, using stairs instead of elevator and do some stretching in between.

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