What can I do to lose more weight?

 What can I do to lose more weight?

I'll tell you how to lose weight. None of these random pills, crazy diets or any of that jazz.

fatty foods

First, you need to start eating right. Eliminate fatty greasy foods from your diet. Eat more things like tuna, non fat milk, cereal, bread, vegetables etc.

fatty foods

Second, you need exercise. If you want to really lose weight you need to exercise Monday through Saturday. It doesn't have to be a ton, but I'd start with running if you can. Just remember, the better you eat and the harder you work out, the better the results will be, period. If losing weight was easy, everybody would just do it. If you want to lose weight in no time, get exercising and do it hard. If you can't exercise much at the beginning, focus on the diet. Don't over eat, eat lighter foods. Eliminate fast food. Eliminate soda. Eliminate cookies, any sugar drinks etc. Drink more water. 

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Just a couple months ago I went from 185lbs to 170lbs in about one month. That's about 8%. That 8% will make a huge difference on your body no matter who you are. If you're 220lbs and you lost 8%, you'd be sitting at something like 195lbs.

I have 9 to 6 job but I prepare all my meals by myself because home-made food is the best


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