What is the best weight loss diet?

 What is the best weight loss diet?

There’s a reason the weight loss industry is worth billions. They constantly try to make a simple subject confusing.

Weight loss, in general, is literally as simple as calories in and calories out. If 2,000 calories is the amount needed to maintain your weight, you can cut to 1800 or 1500 and you will lose weight. This is just a simple fact. Even if you consume cereal and chocolate and burgers, but stay under calories, you will lose weight.

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Now, if you're talking also about health and maybe gaining muscle, then you also need to pay attention to macros. Protein, Carbs, fat. It’s easy to do with apps. Read the labels and you’ll get very good at doing it in your head.

The only reason “diets” work for different people, such as keto, low-carb, etc is because they make it easier to cut calories. If you cut carbs out, it’s pretty damn easy to eat less calories. However, high protein and high fat is not always good for all blood types either. Carbs are a great source of energy. They also taste good.

Keep things simple. Read labels. Download an app. Get a body-fat-test done and figure out the calories you need right now to get by. Then subtract 10% each week or two, until you’re at a balance between losing the desired weight and not feeling horrible. Don’t eat complete shit but still allow yourself enjoyable food and even better, learn how to make all meals taste good with spices, etc.

Once you learn to read labels and know what goes into food, you’ll quickly realise what foods make it super hard to lose weight. For example, 300 calories of chicken will make you much more full than 300 calories of chocolate, which likely won’t satisfy you whatsoever. One dozen wings at a restaurant on Wing Wednesday is more than 1,000 calories. That’s the equivalent of two healthy meals at home. So, know your balance and your limits.

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A beer is 100 calories. On days you feel like one, perhaps cut out 100 calories of another food and have a beer. After all, it is a carb and has no sugar. OR go for a walk or a jog or something that burns 100 calories and then enjoy the beer.


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