How do you lose belly fat?

 How do you lose belly fat?

I am so excited to write this answer. I was never really concerned about my health until it showed me some symptoms.

Two months back I was weighing around 102.7 kg with my routine job as a maintenance engineer in a PSU. A picture is given below. being not able to walk properly and always feeling lethargic and most importantly being a laughing stock for my friends relative and even for my subordinate because of my obesity, I started to follow a strict diet.
How do you lose belly fat

During diet preparation, I included all the healthy food on the list and take one by one by every alternative day. FYI I am non-alcoholic and non-smoker. The first week I gradually cut down my calorie intake to around 1400 Kcal than my body started accepting the new diet. Remember no work out in the first week, just my routine job.

Key things to remember in diet :

Plenty of Luke Warm Water should be consumed

Low calory food should be consumed to fill the stomach

Low oil should be consumed. Go for Peanut butter.

Sprouted Chana and Mung.

High protein should be consumed like fish and Soya chunks

Don't give a gap of three hours between meals except for bedtime.

Keep yourself hydrated by Sattu Pani

Don't eat anything after 7:30 PM. If still hungry go for soup or white portion of an egg.

Now I am done with my new diet I started noticing the reduction of 1 kg in a week. I woke up at 6:30 AM, started working out in freestyle (No equipment ) for 30 minutes till the next week is over. Working out time was increasing day by day to 1 hour 30 minutes until today. This continued for the last two months and I have lost around 13 Kg in two months which means I am weighing around 89 kg.
How do you lose belly fat

PS things to remember :

Weight is not the criteria to judge one's fitness

But it is one of the criterias.

Sometimes someone is working out but weight is not reducing, this may happen because muscle weight is increasing and fat is decreasing. It is the fat we want to remove. No Need to get depressed when your weight is not decreasing in spite of many efforts.
How do you lose belly fat

Dieting may reduce weight but keep in mind that it only reduces muscle mass, not fat mass. That's why dieting is not effective unless you are working out.
belly fat in men

Finally, I am on a target to reduce my weight to 72 kg with fat % in my body around 15–20. Please wish me luck. Don't get demotivated for not reducing weight.


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Good Luck.

I have decreased the highlight of the above photo to make my belly visible in that white shirt.

Edit 1. Apart from weight loss and fat lose what I have seen is consistent workout leads to a visible colour change on the face and a younger look. FYI currently I am weighing around 84 kg from 102

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