I can't get rid of my tummy fat. It is really so big and it really bothers me. What should I do?

  I can't get rid of my tummy fat. It is really so big and it really bothers me. What should I do?

Do exactly what all those Shape and Men's Fitness magazine models do.

Retrain your insulin response to lower by going hard core cold turkey no sugar and no carbs period for 9 days. Then mix in some carbs one day every 5 or 6 for the next month. Up the protein, fat and fiber all around. Eat as much as you want, never go hungry, pig out, just no sugar or carbs. If you're getting tired, you need to eat more fat. If you're not getting full, you need more fiber. If you're not lasting until your next meal, you need more protein (meats, etc.)

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There's tons of variations on the carb cycling inervals, diets, meat, vegan, whatever, but basically put a nix on all the sugars, starchy and processed carbohydrates. Make your body use the stored and ingested fat for energy instead of the sugars. Retrain it. If you've got a belly, then you're simply ingesting too many carbohydrates (sugars are simple carbs) for your current level of insulin and LPL response.

So a logical strategy would be to retrain those responses within your body and stop ingesting so much sugar. An illogical strategy would be to eliminate fats and oils, eat "healthy" pasta and grains, count calories, starve yourself, feel low energy, and crank at everyone all day because you're constantly hungry - 1990's style.

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It's more inconvenient than it sounds because it's so easy to boil some ravioli, grab a sandwich, burger or taco. You'll realize how low quality the fast food options really are. And everything is breaded - even chicken wings, and burgers always have bread crumb fillers, etc. Everything also has sugar or corn syrup - your coffee half-and-half is half milk (lactose sugar), sweet potatoes have a good amount of sugar and starch, and forget about canned baked beans and the insane amounts of molasses in them, etc. Social events that involve wine, beer, or Starbucks are problematic because all that stuff is loaded with sugar and drinking even a few sips will not enable you to retrain your insulin response. The point is that with all the carbs and sugar just omni-present in stuff that shouldn't have it, noone really needs to be eating any added bread, pasta, sweetener, etc.

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Also, do not start supplementing your psychological sweet tooth with sucralose, xylitol, sorbitol, stevia, etc. Everyone one of those is a sugar molecule that is altered with either an OH alcohol group or some other negative ion like Chlorine. While your human cells cannot metabolize it for calories, the bacteria in your gut act the same and absorb it. But they cannot metabolize it, and it starves (kills) them. Which is why many people get diarrhea when they ingest that stuff. You need that bacteria or you will have some kind of imbalance and create another health problem.

If working out every day you'll get lean in about 3 to 6 weeks and stay that way. After a few months of low carbs you'll notice some bloating (water retention in subcutaneous fat) every time you eat bread or pasta or sugary starchy fruit like Butternut squash or or drink a beer. You'll wonder how you ever ate any other way and will realize you'd been killing yourself, spending all your free time at the gym for nothing trying to sweat away the calories somehow.



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Good Luck.

I hope my words satisfy your query.

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