Is a slimming belt effective in burning belly fat?

 Is a slimming belt effective in burning belly fat?

About as effective as trying to drain the ocean with a measuring cup.

A 2007 study actually confirmed that spot fat reduction was possible. However, you still won’t see your abs if you are carrying around more than 10% body fat, but for the people hovering around that range it is very promising news.

The spare tire on guys and the butt and thighs of women carries a special breed of fat, we’ll call it stubborn fat. In the fat hierarchy, it’s the top dog. It’s everything normal fat is but superior in every way from an evolutionary standpoint.
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Normal fat you can find in other parts of your body, are filled with beta receptors, is insulin sensitive and has blood flow. Basically this means that if you diet and keep you insulin response low, the fat will be able to be released into the blood stream for use.

Stubborn fat has more alpha receptors, is more insulin sensitive and has less blood flow than normal fat.

The less blood flow does 2 things 1) restricts the amount of fat that can get to the blood stream for energy and 2) these areas stay colder.

If the fat can’t get to the blood stream, then it can’t be burned and your thighs still jiggle. And if the area is colder, less fat will be released.
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This is the science that the slimming belts use to say they’re effective.


When you consume less calories than you need, your body makes up the difference by tapping into your fat deposits.

The body does this by sending a hormone signal to your fat stores which binds to those alpha and beta receptors we talked about earlier. The beta receptors allow the fat to be released into the blood stream and the fat is oxidized to make energy. Think of this whole system like sending an email. It’s quick and easy.

The alpha receptors are the snail mail of the fat loss world. When a hormonal signal is released, and it binds to the alpha receptor, it takes its sweet ass time to release the fat into the blood stream. Which is why the fat in these areas never seems to go away.


Beating the stubborn fat is going to require a little strategy. Thankfully I did all the heavy lifting for you. Here is how to reduce those troubled fat areas.

Rework your diet –

If you’ve been dieting a while, the stubborn fat is just going to be more of a jerk and not leave. In this case you’re going to need to up your calories. Do this by upping your calories by 200 every couple of weeks until you reach your BMR.
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When you diet below your BMR for too long your metabolism slows down due to the lack of leptin production. By increasing your calories your metabolism will have to work harder and making our job easier.

Do Fasted Workouts –

Fasting lowers the amount of insulin in your blood stream and the body has to tap into fat deposits to make energy. A huge plus in our favor when trying to reduce fat. Since the stubborn fat is very insulin sensitive, having a lower insulin level will make it more available to be burned. Aim for workouts after fasting for 4-6 hours.

Do trisets –

It’s no surprise I’m a big fan of the superset. Efficient, effective and simple. But now let’s Emeril the superset and add an ab exercise to spot reduce those love handles or add some bodyweight squats for the ass and thighs. A set of 20 squats or ab exercise to your superset will help get the blood flowing to those stubborn fat areas and well on your way to less jiggle.

For ab exercises make sure to hit both the front (crunches) and sides (Russian twist).


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Good Luck.

I hope my words satisfy your query.

Hope this helps!

This all requires consistency. And without it, no slimming belt on earth will give you the results they promise.

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