What are the best ways to reduce belly fat and get six pack abs?

 What are the best ways to reduce belly fat and get six pack abs?

I'm writing this based on my personal experience .

First thing first, are you mentally prepared for this ? as it would take some time (min 2 months assuming consistent training and dieting) and patience to notice some results. If YES then let's start with this.

six pack abs

Preparing your diet plan: If you've never followed the strict diet, it's time to start now and see how it goes. I will not write about how much calories you have to consume as it requires more metadata about each individual. Instead I will list the approach that I've been following over years.

Include foods which you like and are easily available. Having said that it should have quality macros(proteins,carbs,fat).

six pack abs

Don't starve yourself as most of us believe eating less will increase weight loss rapidly. Although it works for some but have serious side effects too. for ex: your metabolism will significantly decrease which in turn reduces the rate of fat loss.

Always prefer unprocessed food. I have maintained a shredded physique keeping these facts in mind and expenses in track. Sharing some breakfast meals:

Eggs with sweet potatoes and almonds.

Boiled beans with nuts and egg whites.

Spinach with scrambled eggs and beans.

Boiled veggies with flaxseeds.

Workout routine: Once you have sorted your diet then it becomes relatively easy to make a good progress. I'll highlight the workout routine :

Weight lifting and cardio will give a solid foundation to reduce fat rapidly. If you are working 5 days a week then you should include cardio at least 3 days after you finish weight lifting .

Always prefer compound exercises as it will hit more than one muscle group which in turn forces to burn more calories . Squats,Overhead press, Deadlift, Thrusters, are some of great examples. You can read my other answers for full routine as mentioning here will unnecessarily duplicate the content.

Preworkout meal - Eat some carbs and protein 1 hour prior to workout . If you don't have time then a protein shake with banana is ideal.

Postworkout meal- Again similar to your preworkout ,you have to consume proteins and carbs within 1 hour atleast after you finish workout. It's not super necessary to gut down protein shake as you finish your last set.

To finish this I will suggest to keep things simple and not over complicate things with many variations in diet or exercise.Let me know if you have more queries.

six pack abs

Edit: Addressing few comments and DM's regarding home workout plan given current situation(lockdown).

Before sharing I would like to highlight few adjustments :

Mind shift is necessary to adapt new change and don't compare weight lifting in gym with home workout.

I am working on abs daily compared to 3 days a week earlier .

Diet remains same with reduced carbs.

Day-1, Day-3,

100 push-ups (widegrip)5sets of 20 reps.

Front squats.5*20

Stiff legged deadlift.5*20

Lunges. 5*20

Calf Raise.

Day-2, Day-4

100 push-ups.(wide grip)

Bent Over Rows 5*20

Millitary press 5*20

Side Lateral Raise 5*20

Front Lateral Raise 5*20


Close hand(diamond) pushups

Biceps Curl

Hammer Curl

Overhead Triceps extension.

Skull crusher's.(laydown on ground instead of bench.)

Note: I'm only using dumbell above . If it's convenient for you then get a pair of dumbbell else you can find an alternate ( just Google DIY dumbbells). Make sure the weight of dumbbell is not too light. I'm using 10 kg:

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If you cannot manage to get then stick with bodyweight exercises like Pushups,Burpees, Bodyweight squats, Jumping Jack etc.


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What are the best ways to reduce belly fat and get six pack abs?

 What are the best ways to reduce belly fat and get six pack abs? I'm writing this based on my personal experience . First thing first,...

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