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Flat Belly Tonic Scam: Is Okinawa Weight Loss Drink Recipe Legit?

How do I lose my big tummy?

 How do I lose my big tummy?

I may have the answer. This simple method of fat loss worked great for me and it worked for few others.

So to lose belly fat, you must first learn a bit about few basic facts so my answer can make sense:
lose big tummy fat

. Excessive Belly Fat may be a sign of upcoming full blown obesity.

. If living in the western world, using western nutrition, then beware of an old 40 year old food and nutrition standard associated with Western diet, that leads to epidemic of obesity. For example in my state, 73% of men and 63% of ladies are fighting obesity at different stages of obesity. They all come with large belly, and all use the same basic nutrition, the processed food and massive amounts of sugar.
lose big tummy fat

. Belly fat comes in visceral and subcutaneous. Sort of like outside and inside around internal organs. Both are dangerous.

. Belly fat accumulate over time. Say from normal weight jump to 15 to 30 pound in say couple of years or in some cases in about half that time.

. Carrying belly fat is not a pretty picture. It makes you look, well rather so totally unfit, undesirable by opposite sex, mostly the ones that are already fit.

Unhealthy. Period.

Even a thousand dollars expensive suite or dress will not not be able to cover the obese look.

. Belly fat loss is hard project. It takes life style change.
lose big tummy fat

So now we know these few simple facts, let's jump into next thing. Most likely Causes.

So let's say you are an average guy or gal with basic health, say at least couple of years ago you were sort of normal. Now you are perhaps 30 to 50 pound heavier mostly showing around mid section.

Now let's get a grip on this.

Now make out a list (pen and paper) for yourself and write down items you call "food" and eat. Write one day items and then write stuff you eat in one week.

Take a good look at these items. Your answer is in front of you. So stay focused on this list.

Most likely these items include fast foods, cereals, alcoholics drinks, sugary and diet soft drinks, take outs, frozen food items, commercial candies and bakery items, and then more soft drinks, commercial ice cream, etc. Sounds familiar?

While busy eating these processed food and drink items, you are ingesting large amount of sugar, salt, preservatives, fake food coloring, fake tastes, etc, gradually producing mid section inflammation. Inflammation leads to the tummy enlarged, inflamed both outside shown as " love handles " and then inside wrapped around internal organs.

The inside layer of fat is the dangerous layer of fat leading you to the next stage, the dreaded obesity.

The sooner you stop consuming all this chemical laden hyper processed food and drink items, the sooner the healing will begin.

Figure out a way to make a big change in your life style. Your life may depend on it.
lose big tummy fat

Replace the list items with some whole food, fresh water, start resting more, sleep more, reduce stress from your daily and nightly life, take long walks and you will begin to see small amounts of weight fading away every week, every month. It takes time.

Eat enough of whole food to feel not hungry all the time. Calorie counting is not needed. Eat lots of grilled meats, fresh vegetables and fruits, fish, eggs, nuts, seeds,.

For the next 12 to 24 months, stay with this new nutrition program diligently, drink plenty of fresh water, sleep a lot.

Your life will change.

If you smoke then quit, if you drink alcohol, stop.

So I am still assuming you are not even close to be diabetic, etc.

There is still chance to fully rehabilitate. Seize this opportunity.

It is all about nutrition and no more. Cardio, weight lifting, gym membership - not necessary at this stage.


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Good Luck.

I hope my words satisfy your query.

Good luck

PS... not a personal trainer not an expert in nutrition. I am very fit.


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